About PlasTech
  • Serving Small entrepreneurs
  • Multi-billion dollar corporations


Plastech serves a wide variety of customers ranging from small entrepreneurs working out of their homes, to multi-billion dollar corporations throughout the United States. Through our customers Plastech manufactures products for use in industries from medical, electronic, sporting goods, retail display items and much more.

CNC Technology

In our fast moving, high-tech society, the use of CNC for machining and injection molding for plastics has proven itself to be the technology for the present and the future.

Whether your needs include the technology of the current plastics available today through injection molding or the technology used in machine work, the employees at Plastech are interested in assisting both the small entrepreneur and the large corporations in reaching their product development and manufacturing goals.


As PlasTech takes a look into the future and expands its vision and goals, we will continue to broaden our strengths in the manufacturing market. Our goals are to continue to give our customers high quality manufacturing, and our vision is to:

  • Continue to expand our facility.
  • Purchase additional molding machines in order to keep up with the changing technology.
  • Expand the Model Shop by adding an additional CNC machine which will be capable of manufacting long runs as well as short jobs.
  • Continue to improve quality by working toward ISO 9000 quality standards.
  • Focus on customer needs and requirements while never losing sight of service and professionalism.

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