Proprietary Tools

Bird Feeders

  • The strongest feeder on the market.
  • Holds five pounds of feed.
  • Seed flow can be closed off for filling.
  • Drain holes for rain water.
  • Can be hung or set on a post.
  • Attractive colors.
  • Self sealing fill cap.
  • Ultra violet stablized material.

Hose Tool "The Knuckle Saver"

The "Knuckle Saver" hose fitting installation tool is a must for repairing or making up new hose assemblies.

  • It saves your knuckles.
  • It doesn't damage the hose.
  • It handles 1/4 & 3/8 dia. hose.
  • It adjusts for various fittings.
  • It is portable.
  • No grease is required.
  • It saves time.
  • It is low in cost.

"Back Buddy" Back Brush




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